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Watch from your Roku!

Yes, you read that is now available on your Roku device as an app to browse all of the 125k+ videos at your disposal. Turn your 70-inch 4K TV screen into the biggest monitor you can get, and watch it all in 4K and HD with the ease of your Roku device. The best part is this is a free perk for any Prime account at no extra cost. Bang makes sure you are able to watch on any device you can-desktop, mobile, tablet, and now your TV!

Browse favorites, mark videos to watch later, or even watch the playlists you made elsewhere!

To set up on your Roku, follow these easy instructions:
Step by step install:
1- Add the Bang App to your ROKU, click the link on
2- From the ROKU website, it’ll ask for your Roku user/pass and it’ll ask you to confirm the addition of the app
3- Go to your Roku and load the BANG app
4- Use the activation code to enable your roku at:
5- done, enjoy thousands of movies!

That’s it! That simple. And the best part is the navigation and ease of viewing HD and 4K videos with your remote control. One of the only adult apps on Roku, be sure to check it and use your Bang membership to it’s fullest!


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