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TWO PART Reddit Ask Me Anything w/ Brandi Love

We capped off 2018 with blonde bombshell MILF Brandi Love as our December Bang Babe!

I sat down with Brandi for a Reddit Ask Me Anything to learn more about her life both in and outside of the porn world! We spent over an hour answering wild questions that you asked – the exclusive interview was so awesome we split it into two parts for your viewing pleasure!

We talk:

-Wild experiences on set

Yung Gravy Pizzazz music video! (A serious must-watch)

-Her vacation rental renovation hustle

-We even take a trip to down to her wine cellar!

Check out her TWO PART Ask Me Anything:

Part I:

Part II: 

Want to fall in love with Brandi Love even more? Check out the full text of the Reddit AMA here!

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