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Twitter Down! 10 Hilarious Reactions to Make You LOL

You refresh your Twitter feed with the expectation of an influx of new cat gifs, newsworthy happenings, and punny one-liners – you know, the usual around 1pm PST on a Thursday.

Instead…*refresh*refresh*refresh*. 😱

Thursday July 11th, 12:45pm PST. The Great Twitter Outage of 2019.

I know what you’re thinking. Twitter is down, should we all flock to Instagram? Call our moms…? Or worse, read a book?? Wait…how do I get my updates from Shay Bang?

People affected by the outage in North America, Europe, and Asia took to DownDectector a nifty website that tracks outages and problems. Ever wonder how people really feel when a major social media giant goes down?

See for yourself:

Did we just create a new social media platform? Haha. I hope this gave you a good laugh – it sure gave me one.

Twitter was back up within a brief hour and responded…

In the future if these horrible happenstances occur, be sure to head over to all things Bang Social Media to keep you occupied.

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