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Tweets to Make You LOL #1

Do you ever find yourself trying to make the world on the other side of the internet laugh? Sometimes it’s a slight chuckle, other times a deep bellow of likes and approval – and the worst? **eee, eee crickets***. All philosophical discussion aside – every person I come across has a different appreciation, interpretation, and usage of social media.

I am afforded the opportunity to spend 99% of my workday/evenings/weekends perusing/sharing/posting/trolling/& enjoying the wild world of Twitter (thanks Twitter is my main stake, and I also dabble with Reddit & of course yours truly, the Bang Blog. No matter the platform – I have learned a great deal about content creation, social media execution and above all – finding a voice that carries!

The Twitter-verse is a boundless vault of content. Lude one-liners, obscene narratives and banter between lovers/friends/exes/etc – Twitter has it all. I have decided to compile a list of Tweets I encounter and share them. The following tweets made me laugh out loud (LOLz). I am extending these great tweets onto you as well, my friends.

When the pain in your side subsides from laughing so hard..if you haven’t already, follow me, Shay, on Twitter & all the other platforms below! Yes, it’s NSFW and 18+, perks of the Twittersphere being quiche with any and all nudity/explicit content. Sarcastic replies to my posts are encouraged.

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