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Tweets that Make You ROFL #4

I realized it had been a solid 6 months since I gave you an entertainment-only post (shame on me), so here it goes!ย Another edition of what I hope is one of your favorite facets of the Bang Blog is back and better than ever, Tweets that Make You ROFL. ROFL is short form for ‘rolling on the floor laughing’,ย in case you hadn’t heard that one in a while..

A random collection of sorts, some funny, some straight facts, and other random witty one-liners. I also threw in a good old fashion tweet & reply! Give me a follow on Twitter, I am admittedly not as witty as these gems, but I do post high-quality NSFW titties and ass on the daily.

Share with your friends or keep them all to yourself. Whatever gets your gears going.


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