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To cut or not to cut

So a common trend with women is whether to go full bald, or a patch, a a full bush, or even a fancy triangle that takes way too much time to maintain most likely. The great debate, which is best will live most likely forever as styles and trends change. But while a person can judge and decide what is better, one thing not to overlook is the landscape of the man.

To each their own, but women definitely want a well trimmed, and maintained pubic area. Out of control pubes is never a good luck, appearance wise and the rest is just a mess to deal with in terms of hair getting in gnarly places. To help lure a women, dress the part down there. Pay attention like to it like someone would their face-neat, tidy, and well maintained.

This shouldn’t be the extent though of manscaping. Pay attention to the rest of the body. A guy can have a lot of hair in a lot of places, and no girl wants to end up with a werewolf. Trim out the chest, make sure the back isn’t sprouting some weird spots and then make sure your arms aren’t blanketed to where you can’t see skin tone.

It’s too easy now with technology not to use an electric razor with a guard to maintain a decent, reasonable length. Pretty sure girls wish they had it this easy. Don’t be that guy, keep it tight.

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