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The best way to get a critical and honest review on what’s real and what’s the best in sites

Honest Porn Reviews has been reviewing porn sites for more than 14 years and is one of the few left that tell it like it is. They give you the down and dirty of porn sites and members areas. They will not be putting anyone down, it is not that sort of review site, but rather give their opinion of the good and are constructive about the bad.

Some of the types of sites you can find reviews on are live web cam sites, dating sites and many more genres of porn. Everything from amateur to glam and gay, shemale and straight. If you can think of it, likely they have reviewed it on one level or another. Whether it is the right or best choice for you, there is always something fresh and up to date on to give you an in depth look at what your money is going to go for once you get your own membership.

Did we say membership fees? HonestPornReviews has also negotiated some special porn discounts for our readers , so make sure you check out the Special Offer or Porn Discounts section.

The individual reviews are fully involved in what can be found on the site being reviewed. A rate table is included for each one, so that you can see the strengths and weaknesses of each review. Be sure and check out the Score Criteria link under the rate table to see what is involved in the rate system. has made it their goal to give you the best and most honest look at a site so that you will have the best information before you put out your hard earned money on one of the many many porn sites online today. Do not go in blind, go in completely in the know about what is happening with the sites.

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