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STOP Hangovers with HiPleasures Inc. New Hangover Remedy!

Have you ever woken up on Saturday morning after a wild night out with your mouth feeling like the Sahara Desert?  Your trashcan is bed-side, your head feels like you ran headfirst into a brick wall AND somehow [by the grace of unknown higher powers] your phone, wallet, and keys are in your pockets? You weigh which one was a better regret, the unlimited whiskey highballs or the cigarettes you chain-smoked throughout the night…

All signs point to yes, you have a hangover. Before you rush to WebMD or Mayo Clinic and are faced with the reality of impending death, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

STOP Hangover! STOP Hangover was created by Miami-based HiPleasures Inc. The product comes in a pill format, and each package contains four capsules. The special formulation of all-natural ingredients is loaded with antioxidants, which you need in your body to help prevent a hangover. Some of these ingredients include Vitamin B-6 & B-12, Ginger Root Extract, Wheat Grass, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Water Extract, Lemon Balm, Milk Thistle, Caffeine Anhydrous, Prickly Pear Cactus, Beet Root, and Aloe Vera Extract!

I actually got my hands on some STOP Hangover (thank you Brittani Feinberg! At HiPleasures Inc!) to test out for myself. Below is a little rundown of how my Friday night went, the good, the bad and the NOT so ugly Saturday morning!

7:11 PM PST Friday: Friday night bout to turn up! My boyfriend and I went to a winery to kick off the weekend. There is nothing more hangover-inducing than drinking two bottles of Cabernet Sav. Add in some sparkling chandon and of course the sulfites were without fail included at no extra cost 😉

Recommended use is two capsules before consuming alcohol, and then another 2 the morning after. You can take up to four capsules within a 24-hour period. I popped those babies and voila the weekend commenced!

8:30 AM PST Saturday: WOO! Woke up primed and proper, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to take on the rest of the weekend. Ended up drinking more than the allotted two bottles between us, YOLO! I was ready to hit the links for that 10 AM tee time. Seriously. No grogginess, lethargy, or pounding headache? Can you fathom the horror that would be playing a round of golf hungover? Miracles do exist.

Where can you buy STOP Hangover? According to CEO Brittani Feinberg, “at the moment STOP Hangover can be purchased directly on our site, We’re currently working with large distributors for gas stations and convenience stores, and plan to be in 3,000 locations across the US within the next few months!” The online store sells in quantities of a starter kit 5-pack, party 10-pack and the ‘Ultra Party 20-pack’!

What is one thing CEO Brittani and her new loyal customer (aka me) want you to know?

“STOP Hangover is your no fluff hangover relief for the leaders, creative geniuses, and hard-working entrepreneurs, who don’t have time to slow down and have a ‘recovery day’.”

Get this magical remedy! STOP being hungover.

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