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Some good terms to know

The more you know…

I recently was re-watching some of our AVN 2018 footage, and realized that there could be quite a few sexual terms that many do not know. There of course is the favorites that we have all grown up with, like MILF and creampie, but things have really gotten descriptive for things that are not so common but apparently happen? Seems like a lot of these are one and dones because if the girl let it happen, there’s no way she’ll let it happen again.

Some terms:

Dapper Dan: this one is an interesting set up. So the guy needs to be laying down, and the girl crouches over his forehead and rubs her wet mess across his forehead/hair. Then the guy proceeds to slick it back, giving him a nice dapper look. This is also not a substitute for Rogaine.

Frost Face: this one is pretty funny, and if she doesn’t wake up through it, you have a good chance of pulling it off. Just make sure you tell her before going out in public. As she is sleeping, you cum on her face somewhere, letting it dry and get crusty. Hence the name. Also heed the warning, she won’t want to show off your Picasso cum-piece in public.

Ice Cream Paint Job: this just seems like a new, hipster way of re-naming and branding a creampie. It means cumming inside the girl, but we already have a term for that?

Houdini: now this is just the start of a good porno. The girl is getting banged from behind, and midway the guy pulls out to do something else to her, and before penetrating her again, the friend steps in and starts slamming her, thinking it was the original guy. Then the first guy walks into her eye sight while she is getting banged, and basically hilarity (I think?) ensues.

onmaso this is another hipster term that is newish. Basically you simply light her pubes on fire and then put the fire out with your cum. Because there is enough time for all this to go down and you have that much cum.

and perhaps the best one of them all, the Kanye West’d. This involves in the moment of receiving a sex act, the receiver interrupts the performer to remind them of a time when the same sex act was performed and done better, and then stopping to let her continue.


Mic drop.


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