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Size Matters. myOne Perfect Fit Condoms help you measure!

Did you know that condoms sold in stores properly fit only 12% of men?

Safe sex, safe sex always wear a latex! Whether you are practicing safe sex with a condom or other form of contraception there is one truth: nobody wants an ill-fitting condom. Or maybe you just want to brag to your boys about how much meat you are packing? Or you, or your lucky lady just wants to know…inquiring minds must seek the truth. myOne Perfect FitKit helps take the guess work out of finding your measurements!

Dicks come in all shapes, sizes, lengths etc., and I will be the first to admit I am not one to speak for a popular opinion on whether size matters. I will set my personal preferences aside (although who doesn’t love a big dick) & I will take a neutral standpoint here and speak on the simple principle: find out your dick size!

Looking for ways to measure the length, girth and width? I got you covered. myOne Perfect FitKit came to me by way of their handy tool in the SlutBox!

myOne Perfect Fit condoms come in 10 lengths, 9 widths, and 60 sizes!

Don’t be shy! The process is simple:

Privacy is guaranteed, and you are able to order with their convenient subscription plans! Get your measurements and order! You know what that means – more sexy time for you and a secure condom fit!


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