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Sex is messy. Forget the mess with The Love Mop!

Baby it’s better down where it’s wetter…💦

I’m talking wet, down and dirty messy sex. The kind that either leaves you glistening with the hue of cum as the moonlight peeks through the blinds…or the kind that leaves you padding around in the pitch-black darkness for the nearest blanket /sheet /sock/ underwear to get that sh*t off you faster than it came out! Let’s be honest, we all have experienced some form of these best- and worst-case wet sex experiences.

The post-sex problem that nobody talks about? Cleanup!

Washcloths are too small, hand towels are too big, and who really wants to do a tipee-toe dance to the bathroom to retrieve these to be met with abrasive texture on the sensitive parts?? (OUCH!). Socks, pillowcase, boxers – even your girl’s underwear? Those only wipe the love juice all around, and not to mention the second that goes into the hamper for the in-between week of getting to the laundry…STINKY!

Top scientists spent countless hours bringing you a product that allow you to enjoy sex a little more…The Love Mop. The Love Mop is the only premium cotton sex towel purposely created for clean up after sex.

Bang HQ got our hands on a few Love Mops, and let’s just say employee morale has improved dramatically 😉

The Love Mop Features: 

-Perfect size: 25 inch by 12 inch silhouette is not as bulky as a hand towel and is not as puny as a washcloth. It’s soft, fluffy and absorbent enough for any situation!

-Embroidered Love Bucket Logo tells you exactly what the towel is for, so you will never confuse it with the rest of your linens.

The perfect item for yourself, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, bachelorette, bride-to-be, or favorite couple. Also, great as a gag gift for friends.

The Love Mop is a high-quality, easy care solution to messy sex! Add The Love Mop to your bedside table routine and you will not be disappointed – nobody likes a grumpy cumslut after all.

Clean Up Your Messy Sex...Get Yours




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