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Screw the Cops: NEW BANG Original Series!

We are bringing you a brand NEW exclusive series, Screw the Cops! We take you behind the scenes and undercover with our patrol cars to chase booty and catch the hottest criminals on the block!

This epic series explores the streets of LA, where deputies do their best to keep the peace and keep pussies happy. Once caught and apprehended, these ladies will do anything to get out of their punishments. They only have one choice: fuck the police or get sent to jail!

See the four exciting and smoking hot releases below that will leave you in a hot pursuit of more!

Lana Rhoades takes cops cock for a test drive

Lana Rhoades is caught riding dirty and fast through the streets of LA. She gets out of her car in what looks like an attempt to flee, but it’s really just an attempt to pee! The officer warns her that she is guilty of a crime, and she apologizes, but she can’t resist a man in uniform. Instead of getting taken to jail for a misdemeanor, she begs him to show her the inside of his cop car, and his cock! She’s a bad girl that gets fucked all over the hood of the police cruiser!

Rose Darling gets fucked by two cops against their patrol car

Rose Darling is a caught red handed tagging up a dumpster in an alley in East LA. This spicy latina doesn’t want to go back to jail, so she tries to run from the police! After a full body inspection, the cops discover a sexy pair of panties hiding underneath her baggy pants. They decide to do a full cavity search of her tight asshole and pussy. They notice her pussy is wet from the search, so they cuff her and can’t resist themselves. They both tag team her for a double dose of cop cock!

Skylar Madison avoids arrest by double teaming two cops!

Skylar Madison is a hooker looking for her next client. She is well-known around the streets as being a dirty whore! Today just wasn’t her lucky day as she got busted by a local officer. Instead of getting taken back down to the precinct, she takes it into her own hands and drops to her knees to suck the cops’ hard cock! His partner can’t help but get a piece of Skylar’s sweet pussy either, so they double team her through the chain link fence!

Zoey Reyes fucked by two officers while her detained boyfriend watches

Zoey Reyes’s boyfriend is a narcotics dealer and two cops have a warrant for his arrest. They enter into his house and catch Zoey in the bed naked with the offender. They cuff her boyfriend and close the door to get a view of her fine, thick booty! They prove that the law really does prevail, as she takes it from both ends while her boyfriend is forced to watch! Instead of taking it to court, they take it to their cocks to handle her juicy pussy.

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