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Pizza is Like Sex & Sex is Like Pizza

What do pizza and sex have in common? Well besides the obvious, aka everything, pizza and sex thrive together in metaphorical representation. I’m going to go all academic on you to begin with and share a TedX Talk by sex educator Al Vernacchio. His talk “Sex Needs a new metaphor…Here’s One” was presented at an official TED Conference in 2012.

Vernacchio explores the socially constructed “Baseball” metaphor for sexual activity. We are all familiar with the meanings behind the terms “first base, second base, third base, home run, scoring, striking out, etc.” The expected outcome of baseball is to win, where two opposing teams are competing to round the bases in proper order.

Consider a new metaphor: Pizza. There is an insatiable inner desire for pizza (I don’t care what you nay-sayers say, pizza is bae), as is a desire for sex. Vernacchio suggests adoption of a pizza metaphor to promote positive sexual education, one that is about shared pleasure, discussion and agreement, fulfillment and enjoyment! I’ll spare you the grim details, go give it a listen for yourself, it’s only 9 minutes in length!

Baseball is out, pizza is in!

Did you think I was going straight knowledge on you and not entertain?

No way, here are 10 reasons that pizza is like sex.

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