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NEW Bang Reality: Unscripted Original Content

Bang is always adding crazy hot content for you to enjoy. NEW by the Bang network is the Bang Reality section, where our badass series capture wild unscripted real-life situations! Bang Reality features our original series Screw the Cops & RoadsideXXX.

Screw the Cops brings you uncensored footage of cops arresting girls that will do anything to get out of it! Patrol cars chase booty and catch the hottest criminals on the block. The series takes you to the streets of LA where the police force does their best to please pussies and pursue bad girls that would rather get on their knees than get placed behind bars. Occasionally we get a hot female officer on duty that enforces her dominance in the streets!

RoadsideXXX is our newest unscripted series where real girls are caught stranded and in need of help, but the heroic mechanic doesn’t accept cash! He only wheels and deals in blowjobs and pussy. Sometimes he tows them back to his shop and sometimes he gets in a quickie on the side of the road!

In addition to the Original content produced in house, Bang Reality brings you the hottest viral content on the web too! We specially curate our Twitter & Instagram feeds with weekly releases for both series – just for you! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram for daily updates, you won’t be disappointed.

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