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New Bang Original Series: RoadsideXXX!

Car problems? Real girls are stranded in the streets of Miami and this roadside assistance mechanic doesn’t accept cash as payment!

RoadsideXXX is a brand-new Bang Original series that brings you on along for the ride with our mechanic to see him save pussies from being stranded with their vehicle issues!

Five full-length episodes have been released and stay tuned for smoking hot brand new releases every Tuesday!

1. Samantha gets her car repaired in exchange for a mechanic suck and fuck: Samantha is a cutie with a smoking hot body that gets stranded in her papi’s old car. When roadside assistance comes to help her, they discover that her engine needs to be completely rebuilt. Samantha doesn’t have the money to fix the car, so she gets down on her knees and gets his cock nice and wet before bending over and pulling up her jean skirt. They settle the debt fair and square with her sexual favors paying the price for the costly repair.


2. Stacy fucks the mechanic so he will fix her car ASAP: Stacy is on her way to work at the hospital when her SUV breaks down and leaves her stranded. She calls roadside assistance to take a look under the hood, and the repairs are going to be a pretty penny to get the car started. This petite ebony beauty is already late for works so she offers to hop on top of the mechanics dick in the backseat and get it all wet and juicy if he’ll fix her car ASAP. In the backseat with the windows up her tight pussy gets fucked just right!

3. Alexa Mia Nicole cheats on her beau with a mechanic to get her car fixed: Alexa Mia Nicole’s car breaks down and her insurance won’t cover roadside assistance. When her boyfriend can’t make it out to come help her, the mechanic tells her he will waive all charges if she gets his dick wet! Next thing Alexa is on her knees with his dick in her mouth, cheating on her boyfriend! She bends over to let him pound out her pussy after she gets his cock hard and she closes her eyes while getting a facial.

4. Janet slams her pussy down on a mechanics cock in his garage:  Janet is new to town and her car broke down on the wrong side of the road! This spicy latina has a fiery personality and can’t pay for the expensive repairs to fix her car because she doesn’t have a job. Instead of charging her credit card, she bends over and spreads her pussy for the mechanic to give her a full inspection. Her thick thighs and craving for sex clears all the bills that she owes, and the mechanic clears out her pussy with his cock pounding inside of her!

5. Samantha Rose gets fucked balls deep on the floor of her mechanics garage:  Samantha Rose ain’t got time to be without a car but she also didn’t have the dough to pay for a costly repair. Quick on her feet, Samantha takes her tits out to bargain but her mechanic wanted more. Soon Samantha had her naked tits grazing the hood of her car while he was balls deep in her wet pussy! He fucked her hard and deep before cleaning out her pussy with his cock!

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