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Lube 101: A how to guide to personal lubricants


Everyone knows what lube is, it’s fun, exciting, and can add a bonus element to an already pleasurable activity. However did you know there is a wrong and a right way to use lube? Well I didn’t, and I know I can’t be the only one. So I did a little research, and what I learned was that all lubricants are not made the same, and definitely should not be used the same way!

But don’t worry your pretty little horny hearts, because I got you covered! Here’s the right kind of lube for your ultimate sexy times.

1. Water-based

Water-based lubricants are friendly for all sex related fun. So when in doubt use water-based lube, it won’t break down condoms or ruin your toys! Do keep in mind though, water-based lube gets sticky and needs to be reapplied frequently.

Side note: Easy to clean off your bed sheets and your skin. It’s also soothing and good for people with sensitive skin. However, this is not the lube to use for shower sex for obvious reasons.

Wet® Original® Gel Lubricant $11.95

2. Silicone

Silicone based lube is SUPER thick, and lasts the longest. It should NOT be used with silicone toys, as silicone based lube destroys silicone. This one is best used for any penetration without toys involved. Also, silicone based lube is your best option for anal sex. The thicker consistency, and the fact that it last the longest, makes it the best choice.

Side note: What’s great about silicone lubricant is they are usually hypoallergenic. It’s great for shower sex, but be careful this will definitely make your shower slippery (been there). And remember silicone lube adds extra cushion for the pushin.

Wet® Platinum® Premium Lubricant $23.50

3. Flavored

Flavored lubricant is great for oral sex and rimming. Please please please do NOT use flavored lube for penetrative sex!! No one wants strawberry banana in their vaginas. Well… I won’t say no one. 😉

Wet® Platinum® Premium Lubricant Sultry Strawberry $15.99

4. Hybrid (only by Wet)

Hybrid lubricant is the perfect water and silicone blend. It’s lightweight and long lasting, which is great if you like water based lubes that have to be reapplied often. It does not get sticky, unlike basic water based lubes. Hybrid lube can, and should be used for foreplay, massage, and intercourse. Like I said – it’s everything you like about water and silicone lubes, without all the negatives.

– Wet Elite Femme Lubricant $21.67

5. Oil Based

Oil based lube is thicker in consistency and less irritating, BUT oil based lubricants breakdown latex (THAT MEANS CONDOMS TOO!) and should never be used together. It should be used more for foreplay and for an intimate massage but should be avoided if penetration is involved. So if oil based lube is your jam, look into other condom and toy options. Safety First!

Side note: This one is also hard to clean and can stain clothing and sheets.

6. Coconut oil

Personally, I would keep this one in the kitchen. It should only be used for blowjobs or  massages. Do not go sticking coconut oil in a pussy.

Side note: This Cannot be used with condoms or toys.

7. Saliva

The most commonly used form of lubricant, but definitely not the most fun, so step up your lube game and check out the products above!


*Metal, vinyl, and plastic toys are good to go in all lube departments but avoid using products containing glycerin, propylene glycol and parabens.


Stay tuned for a full review of these products and more!


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