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July Bang Babe Brandi Love (She’s Back!)

One month just wasn’t enough of the Bang love – we are so excited to have Brandi Love as our first Bang Babe to extend her ambassadorship for two months! This December 2018 Bang Babe is back and better than ever to bring the heat for the month of July!

Get to Know More About Brandi Love:

The first concert I attended was:

If I could live in one historical decade it would be:

Duran Duran

I honestly can not imagine being in A decade other than now. I’m amazed, intrigued and often baffled by who we are as a people, a nation and the incredible medical and technological advances we are making. Never have we lived in a time with more promise and opportunity.

My perfect day would look like:

Wake in the morning rested. Meander into the kitchen and brew 2 cups of coffee. Before my cup is finished my goal would be to have the person drinking the other cup of coffee smiling. Something outdoors next …. hike, bike etc. and then get some solid hours of work in. If all goes as planned I’m on the lake before 5PM. Dinner by a campfire followed by dessert. Dessert being sex outdoors under the stars.

The one thing about men that is completely irresistible:

“They smell funky, they are big, and they got dicks!” ~OITNB Sorry that was three but I couldn’t resist!

The one thing about women that is completely irresistible:

They are more emotionally available and soft to the touch. Sexual relationships for me are more passionate if there is a brain / heart connection. I enjoy my GG scenes with sweetheart films for that reason. And going back to the prior question, I typically have more animalistic sex with men. That wasn’t part of the question but that’s why I choose both, it allows me to indulge in all my pleasures 😈

Cake or pie?

Outdoors or indoors?

Spontaneous or planning?

Twitter or Instagram?

Feed me cake!

Outdoors as much as possible

I’m Aries, both are necessary 😅

Both! See the pattern here. I genuinely like both for very different reasons. Twitter is more hardcore. Both visually AND verbally. I love playing smash a troll (a game myself and my lovetroopers created ). IG for me is all visual. Few troll slayings and more just pretty pics. Twitter and IG for me is like devil/ angel.

Cruise ship or resort?

Resort. I want to be able to get off the property and explore the land. Find local eateries and hangouts, and then have a massage In The evening!

Check Out our THREE hot scenes with Brandi Love and stay tuned for a hot new threesome scene releasing 7/11!

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