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How To Start and Build Your Own Collection on BANG!

So when you have over 125k videos to choose from, you are going to be making some lists and checking them twice. With the world of porn at your finger tips, it’s easy to find, select, make a playlist, watch, come back, and save some for later with

To get started, log into your account, and watch the newest update for today. Ok, now after that, look in the top right, and click your PRIME button

You’ll see a dropdown, where you’ll have the option for “My Playlist”, “Watch Later”, or “Favorites”. These are your default playlists that help you keep track of your videos that you watch in Bang. But lets say you found another amazing video and have to run out the door. No problem, you won’t lose it in the huge mix of videos that we offer. Simply look bottom right, and you’ll see a wealth of options:

There you have the choice to favorite, add to playlist, or watch later. Once you have done that, such as “Watch Later”, you’ll see it appear when you go search for that play list or when it is added.

Pretty soon, you’ll have your own library within ours to sort, save, view later, and curate! Start one based on your favorite girl and her scenes, or maybe a particular niche! Regardless, you’ll be able to enjoy Bang in whatever way fits your time!

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