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Hole Filling Experiences: DP, DV and DA

All You Wanted to Know About DPs, DVs, and DAs!

When you want to watch some hot porn that is a bit different than usual, you may stumble upon some hole stretching experiences, and we are here to educate you about all of them. There are so many ways a pornstar can go above and beyond the call of duty, and they usually involve group sex scenes where the chick takes two cocks in a variety of different methods. Let’s discuss the ways in which a girl and really let it all hang out.

Double Penetration, aka “DP”

First of all, there is double penetration. Whether it is in black porn or otherwise, this takes place in a threesome or group sex session with at least two cocks. One cock goes in a girl’s wet pussy and the other one gets lubed up and goes inside of her asshole. The two cocks piston in and out, and sometimes they do rub against each other but there is a thin membrane that separates them inside her body. Some guys don’t like to do DP because they feel like it is a little gay, but those guys who are more secure in their sexuality know that it is an amazing experience and it gives girls an amazing experience and hot orgasms.

Double Vaginal, aka “DV”

Double vaginal is another option during a hole stretching threesome in HD porno. It happens when the guys stick both of their cocks inside of a girl’s well-used pussy. Depending on the cocks this can be even more extreme than fisting, but only because with the hand there is only one part that is large, but with two cocks, the whole thing is just giant! Not every pornstar can do double vaginal, but those who can usually only do it a few times to preserve the elasticity of their snatches.

Double Anal, aka “DA”

Double anal is actually more common than double vaginal because the asshole is very elastic, much more than the pussy. This is when a guy sticks his cock, with his friend’s cock inside of a butt hole. With both double anal and double vaginal, the guys need to be comfortable with the fact that yes, their cocks are going to touch each other! It’s actually a nice feeling because when a hole is opened so wide there isn’t much sensation! You probably won’t find this on any amateur porn tube because mostly pornstars who have lots of experience do it.

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