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Some common questions asked around when you work in the adult industry:

Are you sick of naked girls?
Are you tired of eating food? Course not, so why would someone be sick of naked girls. Sex and girls are great.

Does it make you more feel bad about what you do?
No, I get to help make a million people smile a day. You know the Internet was made for porn right?

How does porn make money?
Cause there is a lot of shitty porn out there and BANG makes high quality content that you can rely on. The list goes on, but if you’re too cheap for a great porn website, you were too cheap before tubes came around.

Are the girls that do porn cool? Hot in real life? Crazy?
Yes, yes, and sometimes. Refer to the hot crazy scale (that we all know is worth it).

Do your parent know what you do?
No, but snitches love to tell my old classmates from school. Nothing beats talking to a girl and her knowing your career choice 😉

What’s a porn set like?
Seriously if you enjoy porn, do not go to a set. It’s not that glamorous. Imagine a bunch of really hot lights, uncomfortable angles, and people micromanaging how you bang. That’s about 20% of it. The rest is long and arduous.

Can I have a password?
No. Seriously, one month of BANG is cheaper than any Tinder date you’ll go on tonight. And your ROI will be 1000x.

How long have you been doing this? How many girls have you seen naked?
Hm, that’s a good question. I’ve been at it for 10 years, but you see a lot of the same girls repeatedly. Course there are plenty of one and dones, or shoot less than 10 scenes. But think about it, the big name girls you can recall have most likely done 100 scenes or more. So I’m going to go with 3,000, +/- 173.

Is it fun?


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