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Get to Know Our March Bang Babe Kali Roses

We are excited to announce Kali Roses as our March Bang Babe! Kali is a gorgeous blonde Miami babe that has taken the industry by storm with her smoking hot performances! We sat down to learn more about her life behind the scenes!

Get to Know Kali Roses


My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is:
Eggs and pancakes


I love to spend my Saturdays:
Working out, hanging with friends, going out, webcamming


My favorite kind of music is:
Hip hop alternative rap


When I want to relax and unwind:
Smoke week, Netflix & chill or get a massage


My favorite color is:
Red & Black


FL/LA/Vegas or Somewhere else?


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert?
Dinner! LOL


Wearing my hair curly or straight?


Vacation to somewhere warm or cold?
Somwhere warm, eff the cold!


Watching TV, Scrolling social medai or going on a hike?
Making music or listening to music, anything creative!


Check out her already released Bang Trickery scene and stay tuned for TWO new releases later this month. We have some special Kali surprises for you!


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