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Get to Know Jill Kassidy Our September Bang Babe!

Jill Kassidy is an All-American babe from Texas! She looks sweet and innocent with her dreamy blue eyes, soft lips, and perfect body – but this smoking hot lil mama is a wild sexpot! We are so lucky to have Jill as our September Bang Babe!

Get to Know Jill Kassidy

A fun fact about me is:

I did competition cheerleading for 11 years, I’m actually still pretty flexible and can still do a backhand-spring! 

My dream vacation would be:

 I really want to go back to Singapore! A dream vacation would probably start in Seoul, visit Tokyo, Singapore and then maybe Australia so I can see the Great Barrier Reef before that disappears. There are so many places I want to visit though!

The best thing about Texas is:

Literally everything, people probably think its annoying how much I love Texas actually! We have some of the best food, no state income tax, so much space to build, BEYONCE, the riverwalk/Alamo(you have to visit during Fiesta), diversity, hottest women, hospitality and of course our state pride! 

My favorite memory in the adult industry:

I have so many favorite memories from this industry its hard to pick just one! I love going to conventions to meet my fans and also just getting to hangout with my peers, I’ve made a lot of friends through this industry! I’ve won a couple of awards already and I am so thankful for the recognition. I’ve also got to travel a lot to some really beautiful places and experience different cultures. 

My favorite cheesy pickup line is:

 “Do you have a bandaid” “no, why?” “because I just scraped my knees falling for you” 😂

Go skydiving or go bungee jumping?

I’ve never had the chance to try either but sky diving is definitely on my bucket-list! 

Eat breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?

I love cold pizza, so dinner for breakfast! 

Watch porn alone or with others?

I LOVE watching porn while I’m getting fucked! Something about that is just so hot to me. 

Piercings or tattoos?

I dont really care if someone has tattoos or piercings…. but piercings on the genitals are kind of scary to me 

Cats, dogs, or koalas?

Omg all of them, I love all the cute animals!

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Jill Kassidy gets her trimmed pussy pounded out by dick: Jill Kassidy is the hottest babe! This Texas cutie is a real treat just for you. She plays with her perfectly trimmed bush in the bathtub and makes herself cum hard by rubbing her clit! She gets her pussy nice and ready before letting a thick cock massage her from the inside out.

Jill Kassidy is a sexy brunette with a bushy pussy: Jill Kassidy is about to be your favorite brunette cumslut! She is a gorgeous babe with the perfect body to turn you on. Join her as she strips her lingerie off but keeps her stilettos on the whole time she’s getting fucked! She gets on all fours and spreads her legs as her pussy gets pounded out and she cums over and over! She continues to take throbbing hard dick in her hairy pussy until she begs him to cum all over her back.

Jill Kassidy gives a special delivery of her sweet pussy to her step bro: Jill Kassidy’s catches her step bro fingering and fucking a sex doll as she walks past his bedroom. She feels her nipples get rock hard as she watches him sliding his big dick in and out of the synthetic pussy. Jill decides to play a trick on him, so she boxes herself up and pretends to be a sex doll delivery! When he opens the box, he feels her pussy and realizes it is her real life sweet clit! Jill’s trick becomes a real life fantasy when she fucks him like the pervert that he is.

Jill Kassidy & Kitty Karrera share each other and a big dick! Jill Kassidy and Kitty Karrera are two gorgeous babes that are excited about sharing a cock! They get warmed up by playing with each other’s pussies, getting them ready for the fat cock they are craving. Jill couldn’t wait to lick Kitty’s delicious asshole while she was riding a fat cock.

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