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Butting Heads Teams Up With Bang! For Some Awkward Public Hand Touching

Butting Heads is hilarious duo who play pranks on people on YouTube.

Amassing over half a million subscribers since they started, their content covers everything from cutsey pranks like Elizabeth passing love notes to random people on the street to Chase’s balls (fake ones unfortunately) popping out in public due to malfunctioning jeans.

Then we decided to throw a pornstar into the mix and they agreed.

Tana Lea, a redheaded hottie you can see a lot more of on Bang!, was down to join the fun so she and Butting Heads came up with a prank. Riding up an escalator, Tana and Elizabeth touched the hands of people coming down and the reactions were priceless. They didn’t discriminate either.

They did it to both guys and girls alike and the responses were a mix of happiness, awkwardness, and sometimes downright confusion. Make sure you pay attention at the 48-second mark.

Looks like that guy will be sleeping on the couch! The duo catches numerous people completely off guard, which makes for prime viewing entertainment.

Watch the full video here!

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