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7 Ridiculous IG Comments You Can’t Miss

Social media is an amazing place. From cats in boxes all the way up to porn, you can find whatever your heart desires but sometimes it’s not the content but the users themselves who really nail a comment and make you laugh. Whether it’s intentional or not is a different story as you’ll see from the Instagram posts below. 

Let’s get right into it with somecomments. Bang Instagram:

1. When asked how long you can look at Luna Star eyes, merideth.lawrence said…

2. Well, it seems mike.loreto is into something we’re not.

3. This guy’s our favorite because he posts this a lot. Baby AND kisses? Nice. Kleio Valentien really gets him going.  

4. Jamesandalligibbens was so excited about the picture he forgot punctuation. 

But our fans are not the only ones who write some funny stuff. Here are some comments from the fans of models and other accounts we follow:

5. Here, we have not one but two funny guys with creative brains.

6. Best if king.klark.jr never “pregnates” anybody

7. Sanelredzemotovic might just be the cockiest guy on the internet

Head over to the Bang Instagram and give us a for daily hot pics! I promise not to disappoint.

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