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50 Sext Messages to Send Right Now

Talk dirty to me baby! Creating sexual tension and igniting the flame is the beginning of foreplay with your partner. What better way to break up the monotony of daily life by sliding into the DM’s of your special person and letting them know you are thinking about them?

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or just get hard/wet when thinking about your significant other, below are several go-to sext categories to kick start some playful sexting! The key to these is playfulness, so have fun with these downright dirty texts and modify them as necessary.

Sext #1: Suspenseful & Futuristic

I can’t wait to get home and feed you dessert tonight

I’m going to make your dick throb so hard

I can’t wait to be your sex slave when we get home

I want you to lie back and let me treat you tonight

Do you know what I want to do to you right now?

You. Me. My House. Tonight


Sext #2: Begging Yes Please

Are you coming over? I need your cock/pussy

 I want you to make me choke on your cock

 I want to feel you against/inside of me

 Please give it to me nice and slow

 Come here and kiss/lick/fuck me


Sext #3: Fantasize It

I’ll be your dirty little maid

 Giddy up cowboy I can’t wait to ride that big dick

 I’ve been a very bad girl and I need to be spanked

 I’m daydreaming about your naked body laying across my desk

 I want to cancel all my meetings today and send your cock/pussy some love


Sext #4: Praise & Compliments

My cock looks so good between your titties

 I want to eat that booty like groceries

 Your toes look like they need to be sucked

 I am so horny for your hot body

 I can’t wait to rip that dress off of you


Sext #5: Jog the Memory (Reminscent)

Remember that time we fucked on the lifeguard tower?

You got my pussy so wet last night

 Remember when you came all over my face last night?

 You fucked me so good that night in Cabo

Cum inside of my like you did last night


Sext #6: Emoji Sexts







Sext #7: Send Nudes

Disclaimer: Never show your face! Anonymity is important, you never know who may be on the receiving end. Find an area with good lighting and work those angles! Pics are the ultimate way to show off what you got and tease to ultimate desire! Snapchat, slide into the DM’s and send over those sexy photos – be bold and be creative.

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