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5 Reasons Why Sex With A Redhead is Better (From a Redhead)

What’s your type? Blondes, brunettes? How about redheads?? Being a redhead is not an easy feat. Contrary to popular belief, yes, we do have souls (sorry Southpark hate to rain on your parade).

I am a left-handed, blue-eyed, redhead…so I’m basically a walking recessive trait. Growing up I used to resent my red locks and freckles, which led me absolutely nowhere in the grand scheme of self-esteem. As an adult, I lather on my sunscreen with pride and embrace my inner fiery spirit!

We are one rare breed! Trust me, try out a redhead 😉

5 Reasons Why Sex With Redheads Is Better:

1. Fiery Energy: Quite simply, we bring the heat. The level of intensity and passion is boundless – redheads have a hotter energy that extends just beyond our electric hair colors.

2. We are mutants: The scientific occurrence (sorry going all Bill Nye on you), is the MC1R gene that causes red hair. There is even a MC1R Magazine that is dedicated to all our glory!

3. Bucket List: C’mon everyone has to try it just once – plus you really have to see if the carpet matches the drapes 😉

4. Stubborn is sexy: Blame it on the pigment we livin’ no limits! We might be stuck in our ways and stand our ground on certain things, but hey, when a redhead loves to suck dick, she won’t ever let you leave for work before getting a mouthful.

5. Pain Is Pleasure: Redheads have the highest pain tolerance of all types of people! Remember that when you get that urge to smack a booty up with your belt 😉

Being a redhead is an identity, you just have to own it! Confidence is sexy, being a redhead is sexy, now go have sex with a redheaded riot!

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