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20 Questions with Tattooed Hottie Lily Lane!

Lily Lane is tattooed rebel babe that loves to get dicked down on camera! Sometimes just one dick, but she has a dirty fetish for more than one cock filling her holes! She’s been in the business for 7 years and we were lucky enough to get learn more about in this special 20 questions edition! 😈

My favorite tattoo on my body is:

The bats on my arm!

The best part of sucking dick is:

Fuck! I love gagging and getting really sloppy!

If I could have one single food right now it would be:

Fries always!!

am most attracted to _________.

Someone who is loyal, honest, motivated, has great hygiene!

My favorite type of porn scene to perform in is:

DPs are definitely my favorite!

I have ____ pets!

I have 1 pet! They are: an English bulldog

The best part about being a sex worker is:

Besides getting to make money off of one of my most favorite past times, I like for the most part picking my own schedule

A hidden talent I have is:

I’m extremely patient and caring. That’s a talent lol

My favorite candy is:

Milky Way Dark!

The next person I want to fuck is:

Hmmmm….. that’s s good question!


Peanut butter or jelly?

Neither!!!! Gross!

Vaginal sex or anal sex?


Coke or pepsi?

Coke forever

Makeup or no makeup?

Depends if I have to do it or if I have make up artist!

Neutral colors or bold?


Sex in public or sex behind closed doors?

Closed doors

Spring or fall?


What’s hotter, tattoos or piercings?

Depends on the tattoos and what type of piercings!

Fireman or policeman?


Getting throatfucked or tittyfucked?

Throatfucked always!!!!!

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