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20 Questions with Sizi Sev!

Sizi Sev is a wild babe that loves to get dicked down on camera! This baddie is always up to no good filming content for you to enjoy 😈Sizi Sev translates to “I love you” in Turkish! We were lucky enough to learn more about her in this exclusive interview!

20 Questions with Sizi Sev

The craziest place I have had sex is:

Tj maxxx storage room

My favorite song to twerk to is:

Bala by Tony Montana

One thing not many people now about me is:

I used to ride skateboards

My goal for the rest of 2019 is:

Do yoga and anal sex!

My favorite scene I have shot so far is:

*Secret company*

My favorite rapper of all time is:


A quote to live by is:

“Wake up Wise up Rise up, Let nothing keep your Eyes wide shut”

If I could fuck any celebrity it would be

Da Baby

The best flavor of toothpaste is:

I use Charcoal powder, so it has no taste

My favorite movie is:

Cry Baby

Vaginal sex or anal sex?

Vaginal sex

Beach or the mountains?


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Dick?

Breakfast with some cum

Sex on the beach or sex in the sheets?

In the sheets

Poptarts or Eggo Waffles?


Be able to read minds or fly?


Hulu, Netflix, or cable?


Lazy night in or crazy night out?

Lazy night in

Rough sex or sensual sex?

Sensual sex

Getting your pussy eaten or eating pussy?

Eating pussy

Check out the 🔥scene we have with Sizi Sev!

Sizi Sev gets hired by a federal contractor to fuck him for cash: Sizi Sev is hired as by a government contractor to show him a good time. They meet at a construction site where he uses funds to pay her and a location to fuck her tight pussy. He gets deep up in her pussy with his cock and fucks her on the ladder! All of this was caught on tape – a perverted contractor hiring babe Sizi Sev with federal funds!

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