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20 Questions with Savannah Sixx

Savannah Sixx is a cutie that is new on the scene! She’s only 20-years-old and she brings the heat & unstoppable sexual passion to the industry. We played a daring game of 20 questions to learn more about Savannah’s life both on and off camera ❤️

20 Questions with Savannah Sixx

My favorite ice cream sundae topping is:

Cheesecake bites!! Definitely.

My biggest turn on is:

Neck kissing especially cause I’m ticklish.

If I could listen to one song on repeat it would be:

Just What I am by Kid Cudi, it’s already always on repeat

A celebrity I would fuck is:

Jesse Metcalfe

My favorite shoes are:

Vans hands down

The best thing to wear to bed is:

Nothing at all, is that even a question??

My favorite thing I have done in the last 24 hours is:

In the last 24 hours my favorite thing I’ve done is enjoy San Francisco pride 🙂

My dream vacation would be:


A favorite state I have visited is:

I haven’t done enough traveling to have a favorite state 🙁

The best dish at Thanksgiving is:

I honestly don’t even eat turkey on thanksgiving so my favorite dish would have to be mashed potatoes or the pie for dessert hahah

Would You Rather?

Eat out at a restaurant or order delivery?

That’s a hard one, I’m not super social so I love delivery but it depends what I’m eating, some meals don’t taste as good when you order them for delivery vs when your dining in.

Road trip or plane ride?

Plane ride, let’s get to where we need to be!

Wear an evening gown everywhere or a bathing suit?

Evening gown so I’m more comfortable 🙂

Have your hair pulled or be spanked?

Why not both???

Do the laundry or wash dishes?

Laundry >>> dishes no argument

Be on top or on bottom?

I like bottom cause I feel naturally in that position is how I actually get fucked but top is cool too cause that’s when I can get dominant.

Drive a BMW or a Mercedes?


Tattoos or piercings?

I’m a sucker for tattoos especially neck ones!!

Foreplay as a nurse or a schoolgirl?

Foreplay as a schoolgirl it flows easy that you can be a naughty schoolgirl and who doesn’t love a tiny plaid schoolgirl skirt?

Talk dirty over a Skype video call or sext?

Dirty talk over a call so you can really hear it in their voice and not seeing their face if they sound really sexy is kind of a tease and I like that

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