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20 Questions with Natalia Nix

Natalia Nix is a spicy puerto rican princess! This babe lives in Miami and boy does she bring the heat 🔥She is a gorgeous, petite, young firecracker that is fresh on the scene. We were lucky enough to get to know more about this starlet!

20 Questions with Natalia Nix

The best Halloween costume I have ever had is:

Well I always dressed as a bunny or kitty so 🙈

I love Miami because:

The majority of the time is super sunny and ppl are hot af

My favorite role to play on set is:

The innocent little girl 😇

The best brunch menu item is:

Mmmm… Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas haha

My favorite accessory to wear is:

I love necklaces lol and rings

The best song to get fucked to is:

All the time – Jeremih

I can’t help myself from buying ____ brand when I see it:


Something not many people know about me is:

I hate people like for real haha talking to them, interacting lol

A major goal I have this year is:

Find my happiness

The languages I speak are:

Spanish and English

Miami or LA?

MIAMI hahahaha I hate LA, beautiful place tho

M&M’s or Kit Kat?

KIT KAT! M&ms only the ones with peanuts 🥜

Sex at night or sex in the morning?

Mmm at night😈 Morning sex is lazy sex haha

Club or house party?

House party FOR SURE 😈😈 hehehe

Fuck superman or batman?

Hahaha umm can I chose an Xman guy? Lol

Shower or bath?

Showers 🙈

Cats or dogs?

Mmm i love both!

Dinner date or adventure date?

Adventure date!! Dinner dates are lame

Have him cum quickly or last 20 minutes?

20 min is quick! Lol like long sex 🙈

Sex in the shower or sex in public?

In the shower hahahaha!

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