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20 Questions with Gorgeous Kenzie Madison

Kenzie Madison is a 22 year old beautiful starlet that is new on the scene and already making a name for herself in the industry! She’s got a contagious glowing smile, perfect perky titties, AND a round booty that she can vibrate on command!

20 Questions with Kenzie Madison

My favorite accessory to wear is:
I love wearing rings & ankle bracelets. They’re cute little touches that you can add to almost every outfit 🙂
I am fully relaxed when I am:
I am fully relaxed when I’m in a warm bath (maybe with some bubbles & a joint?)
My favorite Disney movie:
I love finding Nemo, the little mermaid, & monsters inc!! 🙂
If I could fuck any celebrity it would be:
f I could fuck any celebrity, I would fuck zac efron (basic, I know :P)
My favorite dessert is:
I love anything chocolate 😛
My biggest guilty pleasure is:
food. I love it so much & I could probably never successfully diet butttt that’s why I work out hehe.
If I could have any pet I would choose:
I would choose a dolphin
My favorite color is:
Hiking, running, or biking?
If I won a free vacation to anywhere in the world I would visit:


Would You Rather…

Spit or swallow?
Swallow #spittersarequitters
Become a broadway star or a Youtube star?
Broadway Star
Sound like Jar-Jar Binks for the rest of your life or Siri?
Foreplay as a librarian or a doctor?
Be submissive or dominant in bed?
I’m a total submissive in the bedroom hehe
Give up Instagram or Twitter?
I would give up Instagram over Twitter anyday! #nomorediscrimination
Have the ability to fly or read people’s mind?
Be too hot or too cold?
Too hot (can always take more clothes off hehe)
Have an unlimited gift cerfiticate to a restaurant or a clothing store?
Get a massage with peanut butter or maple syrup?
Peanut butter

Check out the TWO hot scenes with have with Kenzie

Kenzie Madison gets on her hands and knees to suck cock in public: Kenzie Madison is only one month into the business and she hasn’t had sex in a whole week! She’s got a slamming body and is excited to get fucked today on camera! we take her to to a remote location, where she whips out his cock and gets it nice and hard for a screw! They go back to his place and she arches her back on the living room floor as he pounds out her pussy!

Kenzie Madison Witnesses A Cop Altercation And Makes The Cop Fuck Her: Kenzie Madison is driving through LA when she sees a cop get in a tussle with another man. He pulls Kenzie out of her car because she was using her cell phone to recording the whole thing! He tries to get her phone away, but her friend also has a phone and tells him to drop his weapon and surrender to them.Now it’s time for the tables to turn, and Kenzie displays her dominance and tells him that she is going to take control of his cock. She orders him to take his pants off and she bounces up and down on his dick and cums as he eats her ass!

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