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20 Questions with Carmen Rae!

Carmen Rae is a petite cutie that loves to get dicked down on camera! She is an XS fun-sized treat that was born in Ohio but is having fun living her dream of being a porn princess! Get to know more about Carmen Rae’s life behind the scenes 😍

20 Questions with Carmen Rae

The best way to spend a lazy Sunday is:

Lots of food + weed

My favorite position on camera is:


The best time of day to fuck is:

Any time is a good time but middle of the night 🙂

The best part about being from Ohio is:

LeBron. lol JK. It kinda sucks as a state, but it’s home.

The craziest place I’ve had sex is:

By the ocean in Hawaii

Something that not many people know about me is:

I am super flexible

My favorite place to buy clothes is:

Thrift stores or online!

I want to shoot with _____ in 2019:

So many people! But def more scenes!

The last emoji I used was


I like acting out the _____ fantasy on set:


Oreos or chips ahoy?

Chips ahoy for sure!

Spending time outside or inside?

Both but outside more

Creampie or facial?


Cats or dogs?


Getting my ass eaten or my pussy?

Mmm both

Truth or dare?


Nice car or nice home?

Nice home!

Dancing or cooking classes?

Shit both!!

Sex with the lights on or off?


Hugs or kisses?


carmen rae is playful

Check out our Bang Real Teens scene with Carmen Rae!

Carmen Rae Gets Her Throat Fucked Until Her Eyes Water: Carmen Rae is a petite fun sized cutie that has a pair of perky titties and a wild craving for cock! She is eager to fuck in public so he takes her down to his parking garage and shoves his cock down her throat and flips her around and gives her a slight tease of his dick. They go back to his place and he fucks her throat so hard until her eyes water before fucking her tight pussy and making her cum with pleasure!

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