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20 Questions with Bella Elise Rose!

Bella Elise Rose is a gorgeous blonde southern belle from North Carolina! She is an adorable fun-sized treat that looks innocent but is anything but 😈. We were lucky enough to learn more about Bella!

20 Questions with Bella Elise Rose

I buy most of my clothes from:

My favorite way to exercise is:

My biggest turn on is:

On my days off you can find me:

Forever 21!

On dick. Kidding, I like cardio 😉

Daddy kink

You can find me in the mall or driving the blue ridge parkway looking at the mountains with a milkshake!

My biggest inspiration in life is:

I’m inspired by Anna Nicole Smith and her drive to become what she wanted and being true to herself and not caring what others thought

Something I have never done that I want to is:

I want to is release a song I have made, but I’m scared it might suck

My favorite color is:

My astrological sign is:

The best part about being from the South is:



How kind everyone is…I love when random people wave at me driving down the road and I don’t even know them and it’s not creepy.

My favorite position is:

Being on my side

Would You Rather:

Have a luxurious car or wardrobe?

Lick or be licked?

Always feel the need to sneeze but can’t or have the hiccups?

Have a puppy or a kitten as a pet?

Have your own private jet or private island?

Luxurious wardrobe




Private Jet

Live without music or TV?

Have sex in the dark or with the lights on?

Without TV

Dark room

Spend the weekend on a camping trip or in a luxury hotel?

Luxury hotel

Eat ass or get your ass eaten?

Live on the east coast or west coast?

Have ass eaten

East Coast!

Check out the TWO hot scenes we have with Bella Elise Rose:

Bella Elise Rose gets tricked into fucking a guy from a dating app: Bella Elise Rose is a blonde hottie that has a smoking hot model body. She normally spends her free time masturbating, but tonight she decided to go on a dating app and talk to guys. She chats with one dude whose profile says he is shorter than average but when he shows up he’s 6’5″! She invites him over and lathers her hot body up in lotion before she pounces on his lap because she can’t wait to get her pussy on that big dick! She begs him to fuck her and he pounds her pussy with his cock!

Bella Elise Rose flashes her pierced clit while shopping! Bella Elise Rose goes on a shopping trip in the store and flashes her perfectly pierced clit while searching the aisles! She takes the camera into the dressing room and shows off her smoking hot body in the mirror and touches herself! They go back to his place and she gets her tight freshly shaved pussy stuffed in every position!

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