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20 Questions with Ana Rose

Ana Rose is a beautiful 20-year-old that shows off her endless sexual energy on camera for you! This petite babe has the perfect body and super bubbly personality! Want to learn more about this rising starlet? We asked her 20 burning questions!

20 Questions with Ana Rose

My favorite breakfast food is:

Turkey bacon! Or a smoothie with my collagen powder.

One brand that I absolutely love to wear is:

One of my favorite brands to wear has to be Guess. Sometimes I’ll find myself wearing Guess head to toe! LOL.

If I were to describe myself with three words they would be:

I’d have to describe myself as loud, eccentric, and versatile! I can find myself in any environment and be okay.

The best part of being a sex worker is ______

The feeling of confidence I get on set! And getting all dolled up

If I could time travel I would go:

If I could time travel, I’d go back to my childhood and focus more on school and my relationship with my parents.

My favorite Disney princess is:

My favorite Disney princess is Belle. I love her dark brown hair and yellow dress!

My theme song right now is:

“Whoregasm” by CupcakKe

The best kind of sex is:

The best kind of sex is with someone you’re comfortable with because then you can do anything you want without feeling weird. Or random hookup sex where you’ll never see the person again. I think that’s so hot

The coolest city I have every visited is

The coolest city I’ve been to is Singapore. I lived there for a couple years and my love for south east asian culture is insane! Such a beautiful place

The wildest thing I have ever done off camera (sexually) was:

Fuck in my friends car in the driveway while my parents were pulling in and I came right as they parked

Pepsi or coke?

Definitely Pepsi. It tastes better

Dancing or singing?

I love to dance and sing! Even if I can’t do either hahaha.

Sucking dick or getting eaten out?

It’d rather suck dick than be eaten out. Most guys can’t do it that good so I’d rather please him!

Roller coaster or Ferris wheel?

Roller coaster! I’m afraid of heights so just sitting in the ferris wheel for minutes at a time is so freaky to me!

Coffee, tea, or energy drinks?

Definitely tea! I love any kind. peppermint has been my favorite since I was younger, though.

Frozen yogurt or ice cream?

Frozen yogurt!! I like the texture of it.

iPhone or Android?

Definitely iPhone! Androids are just ugly to me.

Take a bubble bath or a steamy shower?

Oooh I love a nice bubble bath! Especially with a glass of wine and some candles lit.

Group sex or one on one sex?

I like group sex but on occasion. Sometimes I just want one on one dick.

East coast or West coast?

Oooh that’s a hard one. I love the West coast because i lived in Seattle and Cali but Miami and New York are amazing also. I’d have to say East because it’s newer to me and there’s more for me to learn!

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