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10 Verified (& Hilarious) Sexual Wellness Product Reviews

Whether it’s your first time perusing the online selection of sexual wellness products or you are a seasoned pro, nothing simplifies these difficult (and ahem, intimate) choices better than reading customer reviews!

I did some research on  sexual wellness store and narrowed down the Top 5 Best-Selling sexual wellness products!

The sexual wellness store categories include:

This compilation is a mixture of the positive and critical reviews from Verified customers. It’s meant to shed some light on quality of product AND make you laugh – does it really get any better than that?

1. Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant: $10.10

The Good: Angry rhinos need to have sex too, and whoaaaa nelly keep on keeping on!

The Bad: Hey George, I’m pretty sure Amazon reviews are voluntary (correct me if I’m wrong here) – but if the result is slippery happiness, who is really losing out? Let the world know!

2. Trojan Ultra Thin Latex Condoms: $14.47

The Good: Wear a condom or have 10 babies? Winning if you ask me, and also winning if you consult C. Cumberbatch.

The Bad: I might need a more elaborate explanation of “rough action” from Nathan Johnson, but buyer beware on these it seems if beating cheeks rough is your thing.

3. Size Matters Clearly Ample Penis Enhancer: $15.67

The Good: Happy Wife, Happy life, right? Customer Spencer Thompson’s wife enjoys the product so much he fears she not go back to the au naturel – blessing or a curse? You decide!

The Bad: Customer “Pink Jelly” let it all hang out, even the information of his 7” penis. Bigger might always be “better, but for those who are packing some meat, this one might not be the best option for you.

4. KINKLY Sex Stool Multifunction Weightless Adjustable Sex Chair Position Aid: $65.99

The Good: Buyer’s remorse can be a bitch, I’m glad to hear that Customer Michael Dingo is a happy camper. Plus, reference a “silly intimacy seat” is pretty golden as well 

The Bad: Customer Phil had some issues, and apparently this product doesn’t follow under the approved products for refund (who would have thought, haha!) He is offering his up for sale, if anyone is interested…

5. K-Y Yours & Mine Couples Lubricant, 3OZ Lube:$14.97

The Good: BAM Explosion, Customer Dale Gibb summarized that one right up.

The Bad: CUSTOMER JULIE GRIFFITH IS NOT A FAN. Satan’s Den & lube used in the same sentence? All I can say is, yikes…

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