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10 Sex Positions You Need to Try (Fan Favorites Revealed)

What’s your favorite posish? (Yes, Tenacious D Fuck Her Gently is exactly the reference).

Sexual passion is a fiery desire that unites two bodies in intimacy and contact with one another. Whether you are boning the same partner for days and years on end or hitting the sack with a new rando every chance you get, your repertoire of sex positions is something that can always be refreshing & new.

Give your dish a different taste with some of these classics & maybe some new contortions that you’ve never tried before! I’ll finish you off with the fan favorite selections!

Shoutout to for the HD positions guide. Register and start your bucket list of positions and get freaky naughty!

  1. Doggy Style: 
  2. Lap Dance: 
  3. Cowgirl: 
  4. Squatting Groundhog: 
  5. Closed Sinner:
  6. Missionary:
  7. Bipolar Spoon: 
  8. Bumper Tower: 
  9. Supported Wheelbarrow:
  10. Sitting Bull Position:

Give these positions a try! I polled the Twitterverse to see what the fan favorite was! Drum Roll Please…


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