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10 Raunchy Urban Dictionary Terms for Your Home State

Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words trying to remember that raunchy term you heard your friend say? It’s just on the tip of your tongue but you don’t want to ask in the group text…so you resort to the wild interweb to solve this conflict.

What’s the one-stop shop for grotesque, lude, obscene [insert other dirty adjectives here] descriptions? Urban Dictionary! If you haven’t heard of it, you should take a gander into the crowdsourced content, you will absolutely leave your mind in the gutter as your body is transported back to normalcy.

I’ve done the dirty work (literally had to postpone my breakfast) to bring you a breakdown of 10 state-centric Urban Dictionary terms that are guaranteed to leave you with a newfound pride/pleasure/disgust/confusion for your home state…

California Mudslide : If you are 98% sure it’s diarrhea, it is 100% diarrhea…CA mudslides really are no joke.

Colorado Blowjob: This elaborate kind of blowjob is one-of-a-kind. I sincerely appreciate the sensory imagery.

Kentucky Meat Shower: Chicken grease, huh? Nothing like lubed up erect ‘dongs’ to make this experience complete.

Massachusetts Clam Chowder: Yum? Sounds like a gourmet delicacy from the Northeast.

Mississippi Handbag: Coming soon to the Fall Fashion Trends 2018

Missouri Alarm Clock: Forget the iPhone alarm, this one sounds so much more riveting.

Nebraskan Corn Cob: This is just downright nasty. Certainly not for the faint of heart.

Oklahoma Cowbell: Hahahah. Enough said.

Texas Seed Shot: Everything might be bigger in Texas, but is it better?

Vermont Maple Tapper: This one is double the fun. Curious what the Lumberjack is? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Don’t see your home state above? This curated list covers only 1/5th of the fine U.S of  A, and I selected the dirtiest ten I could find. You are either very welcome that your state is omitted…or if you are interested in diving in deeper, block out some time on your calendar and be my guest! Dirty knowledge is power, right?


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